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Congratulations to the Governor

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2006 8:29 am    Post subject: Congratulations to the Governor Reply with quote

Below is a memo submitted to Governor Daniels & FSSA per their brillant strategy on implementing the 11/1/05 Annual Plan project & the CM consolidation without changes to state rule and without any data indicators:

Dear Gov. Daniels:

On Friday, 6/30/06, the State of Indiana announced that all current Case Management companies in the MR/DD program will be decertified on 8/31/06, and replaced by a single company contracting with Mitch Roob and FSSA. Though my company, Ascend, Inc., has had excellent quality and financial reviews for 7 1/2 years, my company is now ending in two months. This week, we notified the employees that their employment will be terminated on 8/31/06. These employees have been respected and loved by their clients with disabilities and their families.

In my life, I have been political on both sides of the aisle. I worked in the office of a Democratic Governor in Ohio, in addition to being a Federal Court monitor under a Democratic administration. In the last 10 years, I have sided more with the Republicans due to their leaning toward private sector operations and financial management. One of my very best friends for the last 30 years is Tony Snow, current White House spokesman. In other words, I try to be very balanced in my political views and just do the right thing.

I must congratulate you on a successful political strategy that has defeated all the checks and balances of government. You clearly understood the following -

1) The first key was to neutralize the Office of General Counsel of FSSA and the Attorney General's office. Both of these offices have sat by as the current Indiana rules were suspended without following Indiana law, and new rules were implemented without being promulgated. From being in the Governor's office, I know how hard this was to accomplish, and still keep the media from uncovering the strategy.

2) Your strategy to neutralize the two trade associations - the ARC of Indiana representing families and INARF representing service providers - was absolutely brilliant!! Your team quickly assessed that the leaders were driven by ego, rather than rules and analysis. You found out a key secret to these organizations - "These leaders would sell their mother for a seat at the Big Boy Table". They allowed the implementation of rules and rates without promulgation. They also sat by as you dismantled the case management safety net. Again Governor, this was an amazing accomplishment!!

So effective 9/1/06, a new single Case Management company will now replace over 170 private case management companies, including my own company. There are some interesting questions that have not been answered despite my repeated emails to you, Mitch Roob, and the Attorney General's office, including -

1) Who is this new Company? Except for a name - IPMG - we have not received any information on the new company - such as Ownership, background, etc. At the first State press conference, six former case management companies were named as co-owners and directors. Now at the second press conference, these "directors" are now sub-contracted employees. And still, no info was presented on the Company's ownership or background.

2) Where is the "poor quality data" for case managers and the "quality data" for the new company? FSSA and your office has stated that the reason for the change from 175 private case management companies to one State contracted company was "poor case management" As one of the companies, our data and surveys were excellent. In addition, it was the STATE'S RESPONSIBILITY to monitor and decertify bad case management companies. And the new company, IPMG, has NO HISTORY of quality case management services. In fact, they are currently hiring all new employees. So my experienced and audited case managers are being replaced by "quality case managers that aren't hired yet".

3) How did a Company get an RFP in early 2006 that still hasn't been formed yet? I have emailed this question many times with no response to date.

Now for an optimist note, the beautiful thing about the American political system is the ability to fix injustice and incompetence. It is too late for my company, but Indiana will be fine in the future. The new Case Management system will squeeze hours and rates from the families and service providers. This will lead to an uproar in 6-18 months that will be addressed by the current or future administration. Meanwhile, we will be pleased to share our successes in another state. Hopefully, the clients with disabilities will survive this great political game. Your political skills are impressive, but I will continue to lead my life and try to do "the right thing".


David Ellison
President, Ascend, Inc.
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